Lick Ice Cream, Hudson, NY

Lick Ice Cream, Hudson, NY

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It’s going to be 94 in Pittsburgh today. It’s only 70 now, but I can already feel the heat coming on. It makes me want to write about ice cream. And eat ice cream. And recommend my favorite ice cream places to other people that want to eat ice cream on a hot day. I’ve got a couple of Pittsburgh favorites, but I’ll get to those later in the summer, perhaps.

Today, it’s all about the Hudson Valley. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, my Dad and I took an afternoon drive from Rhinebeck to Hudson for coffee and ice cream at Lick. It’s a small, bright shop with two tables and enough standing room for a long line (which I’m sure happens often in the summer). We were there on a rainy May day so we grabbed a table and lingered over sundaes and machiatti.

Ice Cream

The ice cream at Lick is homemade by Jane’s Ice Cream in Kingston, NY. Jane’s has been making ice cream in the Hudson Valley for twenty-six years and their ice cream is available many places throughout the region. Flavors range from the usual like chocolate, coffee, and maple walnut, to the unique like pineapple coconut, green tea, and lime.

At Lick, you can enjoy many of the delicious flavors as is or as part of a sundae. You can create your own or choose a specialty sundae from their menu.

Dad and I decided to go for the gusto with specialty sundaes. Dad chose The Carmen: fig ice cream with almonds and caramel sauce. Dad loves figs so there was no surprise to his order. How often do you find fig ice cream? Not very. Dad’s first reaction was “wow!” and I second that. The fig ice cream was very flavorful and the caramel and nuts provided a good complement to the ice cream without overpowering the figs.

I decided on the Lavender Berry sundae: lavender ice cream with berry compote and orange-scented almonds. Refreshing! The lavender ice cream was like a vanilla with just a little added flavor. It had a very smooth mouthfeel. The berry compote was fresh and delicious, just sweet enough and still slightly tart. The compote and almonds were so flavorful that the ice cream underneath could have been vanilla without my noticing since the flavor of the lavender is so delicate and the berries are more powerful. Still, I LOVED my sundae.


A lot of places serve both coffee and ice cream, but most of them do only one of those well and the other is an afterthought. This is not so at Lick. I often judge a coffee shop on the quality of their macchiato, so that’s what I ordered. I was prepared to be disappointed, but I was anything but that. The espresso was strong, high quality and brewed well. It was marked with just enough milk and had a touch of foam on top. Perfect.

Would I go back?

Yes!! In fact, my family has been back a few times recently and every time they call to make me jealous.

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