Quattros Farm Store

Quattros Farm Store

Writing in: Pittsburgh, PA About shopping and eating in: NY’s Hudson Valley


My brother is really cool. And he lives in a really cool place: The Hudson Valley. We were driving about the region and spotted Quattros Farm Store in Pleasant Valley.

“We have to stop here,” Ryan said, “I haven’t been here yet, but their sign for fresh killed chickens is awesome. Fresh killed chickens.”

Inside Quattros we found a huge selection of local meats as well as a variety of dry goods. Near the entrance there was a large basket of tiny pheasant eggs. I had to have them. After the giant goose egg fun a couple of months ago, I’ve been wanting to try more varieties of eggs. I still love chicken eggs. They’re delicious, inexpensive, and easy to find all year long, but I’m curious. So I picked out a dozen. It may not be evident in the photo, but the pheasant eggs had plenty of extra space in a carton previously used for chicken eggs.

Once we made our way further into the store we began drooling over whole chickens, fresh cuts of beef, and venison. (Well, Ryan drooled over the venison and I boasted that my boyfriend has a freezer full of it and likes to share. Knowing a family who hunts has benefits.) I wished I could bring meat home on the train. Ryan picked out a couple of items. Including bacon. Which meant we had breakfast.

The pheasant eggs were richer than chicken eggs, which meant the eggs didn’t fluff up as much chicken eggs but the flavor was more intense. I liked the creaminess of the eggs with the saltiness of the bacon.

The lesson I learned: Always stop at places with signs like Fresh Killed Chickens.

Today’s local ingredients:

Pheasant eggs, Quattros Farm Store

Baco, Quattros Farm Store

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