Bootsnall’s 30 Days of Indie Travel – Day 1

Bootsnall’s 30 Days of Indie Travel – Day 1

Howdy, folks. Welcome back to my writing blog. I haven’t been in the habit of keeping up with this blog yet, but now I think I finally have just the thing to get me started over here: a challenge from

For the month of November, instead of participating in NaNoWriMo I’m finishing my poetry chapbook, starting a new essay project, and participating in Bootsnall’s 30 Days of Indie Travel. Every day in November the lovely folks at Bootsnall send out a writing prompt for travel bloggers. Anyone can get in on the excitement over at the Boostnall site.

Today’s prompt: What were your travel goals last year? Did you accomplish them? What travel goals do you hope to accomplish this year?

For the past year, my travel goals were modest. I was finishing up my MFA and my thesis was my biggest priority (other than health, food, and oxygen). But I was working on a certificate in travel writing and have never liked to let too much grass grow under my feet. Since I’d completed the travel requirements for my certificate by exploring Pittsburgh in depth and traveling to Louisiana the year before that, I was ready for an independent trip. I was also determined to take my boyfriend outside of North America for the first time. I told him to pick a country and we’d plan a trip.

In March, we went to Ireland.


I’m so proud of us for taking this trip.

We rented a car that we (mostly Kevin) drove from the west coast to the east coast with several stops along the way. We drank Guinness, Smithwick’s, and Jameson. We ate mussels and listened to sessions in Doolin.

I’d had surgery about four weeks before. I was feeling better, but I’d suggested postponing the trip. Kevin had looked so heartbroken at the thought that I immediately rescinded the suggestion against what I thought was my better judgement. But even though we both agreed that next time we’ll make sure I’m healthier, I’m so glad we went when we did.

On our first night in Doolin, we were the only guests at the hostel. Our host made us tea by the woodstove where we passed the reading and chatting. It was cold and wet for much of our trip, but it made sitting by fireplaces drinking tea or Guinness so much more enjoyable.

For next year, my goals are quite a bit loftier. I’m saving up to take a TEFL course in Prague for a month and then I hope to teach in Europe for much of next year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. In fact, it was what I was going to do if I hadn’t gotten into the MFA program at Chatham. And now, with that degree in hand the bug to live in Prague for a month (or maybe more) has returned!

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