Pen, paper, and a timepiece (Indie 30 – Day 28, Gear)

Pen, paper, and a timepiece (Indie 30 – Day 28, Gear)

 BootsnAll prompt: The right gear can make or break your trip. What is your favorite/must-have gear item? 

My must-have gear is pretty simple. I don’t do gadgets (unless they’re multi-purpose and easy to carry). And except for clean socks and underwear, there are few things that I bring along on every trip.

A pen and paper are essential, though. I bring them everywhere, traveling or not. My favorite notebook is a moleskine, but I’ll settle for anything. Those one dollar spirals are so cheap and easy to find that I often have them along with some super cheap “who-cares-if-I-lose-them” pens. I like to have one or two small notebooks on a trip in addition to my journal so that I can stuff one into a small purse or jacket pocket while on the go.


My other essential is something with which to tell time. In the U.S., I’ll settle for my cell phone. It tells time, makes phone calls, and is an alarm clock. When I go abroad, I wear a watch and pack a small alarm clock. When traveling, I like to be able to relax, enjoy, and forget what time it is, but for me this is easier to do with a watch and alarm clock than without. If I know I have to catch a train or plane early in the morning, I have to be certain I have a tested, reliable alarm set otherwise I won’t sleep at all. And we all know that losing sleep for no good reason sucks. As for the watch, knowing that I can check the time makes me not worry about what time it is. Plus, even if it didn’t relax me to have it, a watch is just plain useful. There are plenty of things I want to write about in my notebook, but missing a train because I didn’t know the time isn’t one of them.


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