A little dream of Asia

A little dream of Asia

Bootsnall prompt: If you’ve never been to Asia, tell us about your dream trip in the region.  Would you rather find your own paradise among the Thai Islands, or shop for crazy Harajuku fashion in Japan? Are the uncrowded temples of Burma calling you, or are you dreaming of a visit to China’s Great Wall?

Asia. Reality for some is still a dream world for me. I’m confident on the continents I know: North America and Europe. I love them dearly and could spend all of life visiting just those two again and again. But I’ve always been drawn to Asia and will someday visit.

Asia has an ethereal quality in my mind, a thin veil of mist and mystery that shrouds my understanding of the place. I want to lift that false mist with trips to the Himalayas, Seoul, terraced rice fields, Osaka, and any place in Thailand that serves good food.

I am slowly collecting souvenirs from Asia as gifts from friends. On the wall in my office, I have a medicine Buddha given to me by my friend Adrienne the night before I had surgery last year. I often stare at that painting and dream. I dream of friends, good health (which has come true), and travel. I dream of the person who painted that Buddha and what it means. I dream of someday going to India and learning more about Buddhism, more about the symbols on the painting, and more about Indian food.

I dream and dream and dream…which is one of the best parts of travel: dreaming up where to next.

But another of the best parts of travel is shattering the myth of the dream and discovering reality.

Someday, Asia, someday.

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