Indie Travel Manifesto

Indie Travel Manifesto

BootsnAll Indie 2012 Prompt 6: We want to know what you think about the Indie Travel Manifesto.  Does it resonate with you? Do you think, based on the tenets of the Manifesto, that you are an indie traveler?

Last week, Bootsnall released their Indie Travel Manifesto, a fun document that broadly defines Indie Travel. It’s a simple, straight forward document and yet there is so much to discuss within it. Instead of really answering the prompt, I’m going to sit with just one of the tenets for a moment:

Seek pleasure in simple moments and details.

It’s so much easier to do this on the road than when at home, but equally important every single day, no matter where you are. And yet it’s a tenet we often forget, both at home and when traveling. But when we look at our lives, which moments are the best? There are some big moments among them, but mostly it’s the little things like waking up one morning to find that someone you love has cooked you breakfast for no good reason.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the energy of enjoyment lately. It’s an energy that is often overlooked or regarded as less important than achievement or productivity. But indie travelers value the energy of enjoyment and that’s the key to their rich lives. The ability to take a break from a hectic day and enjoy just one moment – the taste of one small piece of homemade chocolate, a long hug with someone you love, the first sip of your morning coffee… adding these moments to our days, one at a time, are probably the best, richest gifts we could give ourselves – indie travelers or not.

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