SoHo Kitchen, Cleveland, OH

SoHo Kitchen, Cleveland, OH

Writing and eating in: Cleveland, OH

Our fourth and final stop on our impromptu Cleveland food tour was by far my favorite.

SoHo Kitchen is a cute meets modern, Southern food with a Midwest flair restaurant located near the famous West Side Market. We checked out their Sunday brunch. Oh, how I wish this place were in Pittsburgh.

First, the brunch cocktails: they’ve got the standard (and tasty) mimosa and a take on the Bloody Mary with bacon salt and pickled okra.  But they also serve their own concoctions with names like Pickle Backer and Gentleman’s Breakfast.

I opted for the Dixie Russian to get my morning coffee and my vacation day-drink on all in one tall glass: iced coffee, chicory-infused rye whiskey, Kahlua, and milk. It was one of the best mixed drinks I’ve tried in a good long while. Probably no mixed drink has impressed me this much since we discovered Jameson and cranberry juice with a twist of lime in Ireland, March 2011.

And it paired nicely with my choice for brunch: Cheddar Biscuits and Gravy. I love love love biscuits and sausage gravy. My mom makes a traditional white sausage gravy with milk and flour that I grew up on as a weekend breakfast treat and then it became what I would treat myself to for dinner sometimes in grad school. This was nothing like that, so I can safely praise it up, down, and sideways without offending the mamma. These are two completely different and completely lovable sausage gravies.


The Biscuits and Gravy at SoHo kitchen feature rosemary sausage and whiskey gravy. And then it’s topped with scrambled eggs. I’d never had sausage gravy with eggs before, but let me tell you, it’s a revelation. I might even try that combo out when I make Mom’s recipe. It was really filling and I took half of it home, which was great. And the leftovers held up really well – just popped the leftover biscuit and gravy into a moderate oven for a few minutes and whammo flashback to a wonderful Sunday morning.

Beth’s friend Scott got the steak and eggs. I didn’t taste it, but he seemed to really enjoy it. And he needed a substitution, which the kitchen was more than happy to do even though they were really busy, so that’s always a plus!

Kevin chose the “Yogurt and Granola,” which was the traditional healthy-hippie breakfast turned into a filling dessert lunch: banana panna cotta topped with fresh berries, nuts, and marshmallow crème. Kevin lingered over every bite and I think I now have to learn to make panna cotta. I snuck a bite of it and, wow, once I can eat fresh fruit and nuts again, I’ll be working on making that here in my kitchen.


Would I go back?

Not only would I go back, I demand to go back! I am a two-year-old stamping her foot on the ground with insistence. Beth, take note, brunch, yeah, it’s happening. I’d also allow checking out the lunch, supper, or chicken scratch menus.


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