First day of half marathon training!

First day of half marathon training!

Who starts training for a half marathon at 7:45 am in the snow?!

Apparently lots of people.

And me and Kevin!

It would have been really easy not to go out this morning. It’s still cold and dark at 6:30 and Geordi made tracks in the fresh snow when I took him out before breakfast. It would have been so easy to just crawl back into bed until well after sunrise and then make some coffee. 

But I’m so glad we didn’t!

Kevin and I have signed up for Team Challenge, a program from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) wherein participants train for a half marathon while fundraising for Crohn’s and colitis research.

Kevin will be running and I’ll be run/walking 13.1 miles on June 1st in Virginia! You can support our walk and Crohn’s/colitis research over on our fundraising page. (Thank you!)

Today, we met our team and really stretched our legs for the first time on a trail in gorgeous North Park.


Kevin ran for forty minutes at about an eight-minute mile pace. Go Kevin!!

I mostly walked. I walked the first 25 minutes out and then turned around and did a bit of run walking. I managed about 90 seconds in a row at the most. Not great, but considering that I’m just getting back to exercising I’m really proud of myself for just showing up.


Next week, I need to remember to more upper body stretches – they seem to help with the side stitches, which is what really slowed me down today.

During the first 25 minutes, I got to know my walk coach, Leigh, who was diagnosed with colitis in 1999. She gave me some good tips on diet and working up from walking to run/walking.

The key one: listen to my body and go easy. I’m going to have to remind myself of that a lot.

Tomorrow, Kevin and I may cross train (Just Dance 3 anyone?) And then we’re running/walking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on our own. Saturday is the next group training, this time in South Park. (Come run with us!)

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