Nervous Confidence: Race Day Approaches

Nervous Confidence: Race Day Approaches

12 days to race day.

I’m alternating between nervousness and confidence so often that I’m just going to call my state of being from now until race day “mostly contented nervous confidence.”

Let’s recap the past few days:

  • Math-wise, I know that I can cross the finish line in Virginia, no problem. We’ve got a 3 1/2 hour time limit, which means you need to maintain a 16-minute mile pace, which seriously has never been an issue. At my slowest, almost all walking pace, I was still going at about a 15-minute mile. I average several minutes faster than this now! Confidence.
  • But what if I fall down and hurt my ankle/knee/shin/thigh/elbow/shoulder/hip/head before the race? I’m so clumsy…what if I get a knee injury AND a concussion like that one time I fell downtown for no good reason? Anxiety.
  • Well, if I hurt myself I’ll just hop up on ibuprofen and suck it up. Ohhh, wait…I’ve got Crohn’s disease and my doctor says no ibuprofen. Grumpy.
  • Oh crap, what if my Crohn’s acts up? (Shitty pun intended. Yes, both times.) Was that abdominal pain just there? Tears.
  • Stocked up on running snacks! Yay sports beans! This is gonna be the best adventure ever!!!!! Confidence.
  • That run wasn’t long enough! I want to keep going! But I can’t I’m supposed to be tapering to rest and prepare. *sad sigh*
  • Oh thank goodness I’m tapering. I so don’t want to run tonight, it’s freaking hot out. *contented sigh*
  • What if I forget my running shoes? Don’t forget your running shoes. What if I forget my inhaler? Don’t forget your inhaler and don’t you dare panic about forgetting it or you’ll give yourself an asthma attack. Just make a list.
  • Challenge accepted.

And I’ve still got 12 days to go!! It’s a good thing I have so many other distractions in my life right now. 🙂

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