Final Training

Final Training

Today was our last Team Challenge training for the season. It was a little chilly out, but sunny and we ran in my favorite place. We started training off with an activity that nearly led to many tears, but we were all able to hold it together. It was one of those “if you start crying, I’ll start crying” moments. Then we ran, which was great. And then we ate bagels and yummy pretzels with a key lime cheese ball that Coach Leigh made. It was a great last training. Though neither Kevin or Beth were there and I learned that getting up on Saturday morning to go running is a lot harder without them.

So much has changed for the good over the past few months with Team Challenge.

When I started Team Challenge, I had a few goals, let’s recap to see how things have changed:

1: Start running, keep running, not get sick, finish the race.

Well, I still have to finish the race, but so far I’ve started running, kept running, and not gotten sick. This is a considerable feat considering that by Memorial Day last year I’d started Couch to 5k and it was right about this weekend that I quit because my body just felt like crap pretty much all the time. I’m sure that this year, the running is helping me, not hurting. I’m sure that Remicade is helping. I’m sure that knowing I have Crohn’s is helping. I feel great and I can’t wait to get out on the race course in Virginia next week and finish that race!!

2: Raise money for Crohn’s and colitis research and support. 

See post titled “Fundraised.” Or check out our fundraising page:

We did it!

3: Make a supportive friend who has Crohn’s or colitis or has someone who is close to them that has it…hopefully one friend…maybe…if it works out.

The joke’s on me for doubting for a second that I’d make friends in this group. EVERYONE I’ve been running with is just so special. Whether they have IBD, know someone with IBD, are a parent of a child with IBD, or signed up with no connection to IBD at all, each person on our team has been an awesome cheerleader, a fab fundraiser, a dedicated runner and/or walker, and an all-around fun person to get to know. I made a whole big group of friends! I love you guys so much! We’re going to 3 different races: some to Virginia with me, Kevin, and Beth, some to Chicago, and some to Napa. I wish we could all run all 3 races and I’ll miss everyone that’s not coming to Virginia.

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