Training, let’s begin again

Training, let’s begin again

Saturday, I went on my first non-race Team Challenge training run for 2014. We took it easy, since most of us haven’t been doing much running in the cold. (I haven’t run since the Frigid Five Miler kick-off run. Thanks Polar Vortex.)

It was wonderful to be back out with the Team Challenge friends! Beth came out to visit so she ran with me, Kevin, and Kim, who’s daughter was one of our team honorees last year.

At 32 degrees, our run felt shockingly warm and we’re all hoping this means more regular running! The forecast this week looks perfect for winter running here in Pittsburgh.

Even if the Mon still looks like this:


And don’t forget: We’re running for cures! You can support us here: And here: And with Bravelets:

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