Will Run for Donuts

Will Run for Donuts

Yesterday, we kicked off the month of March with Team Challenge training on the track at Chatham’s AFC.


We have no idea how far we ran because keeping track of 13 laps to get to a mile requires more focus on number of laps than we were willing to give. Beth visited so we were catching up and taking a fairly easy pace, per our training schedule from our Team Challenge coach. Kevin decided to do intervals and kept launching into sprints. It was open house on campus yesterday so two campus tours stopped by while we were running, but mostly it was just us on the delightful purple track.


After training, we treated ourselves to paczki (pronounced pohnch-key). Paczki are Polish-style donuts made between New Year’s and the beginning of Lent. In Poland, they’re for Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent. But in Western PA, you can find them throughout the Carnival season until Fat Tuesday. They’re big round donuts, richer than many other donuts because they’re made with plenty of lard, egg yolks, sugar, and other ingredients one is to abstain from eating during lent. They’re rolled in sugar and usually filled with jam or preserves (often prune) or custard.


We’re not the only ones who think paczki pair well with running. Tour de Troit hosts an annual Paczki Run the weekend before Fat Tuesday – finishers get paczki and Polish beer. Maybe next year!

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