How I Donate to Team Challenge

How I Donate to Team Challenge

Since I am often asking YOU to donate to Team Challenge for Crohn’s and Colitis, I thought I would take today to tell you how I donate to Team Challenge. I send my hard-earned dollars to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America too, because I really do believe in the work CCFA does. CCFA will play a major role in curing Crohn’s and colitis. I want to share two things, how much I donated in 2013 and how I’m saving money to donate in 2014.

My 2013 Donations

Last year, I donated over $350 to CCFA. I have receipts for $347 worth of donations made through seven different giving sites like mine. Why $347? Because I made a lot of small donations. I sent $13.10 for $13 on the 13th for 13.1 miles campaigns. I sent $25 when someone I know approached a fundraising deadline. I matched donations to my fundraiser for a day last year. I put in a lot of small donations and they added up to a $347 at the end of the year.

I also bought things from my friends for fundraisers. I don’t have a good record of how much I spent, but I do know that I purchased a bunch of things to benefit CCFA including:

  • Sweaty bands
  • Pepperoni rolls
  • Bowling tickets and raffle tickets from our team fundraiser
  • Dinner at a local restaurant giving proceeds to CCFA
  • Guts and Glory virtual race entry

Each thing I did felt small, but each donation was a step towards donating a lot of money to cure Crohn’s and colitis.


How I’m Saving Up to Donate in 2014

1. Small donations made regularly. I loved making as many small contributions as I could last year to support my friends raising money for CCFA (and other causes!) so I’m continuing to do this in 2014. So far I’ve donated about $40 to CCFA and I know that number will grow quickly over the next couple of months as fundraising deadlines approach for the summer Team Challenge races! It will be fun to see how the small donations add up again this year.

2. Spare change jar. I made little donation boxes for one of my events and afterward I set it on my dresser. At the end of the day, I drop my spare change in it. This works for me because I still use cash a lot and the change really does add up.

3. Second job. In the late winter and early spring, I pick up extra hours doing medical transcription for my parents company. It’s their busiest season and allows me to bring in some extra cash for whatever I might need. This year, a lot of the hours are going towards wedding savings, but I’m marking certain hours as “transcription to cure IBD” to earn $$ to donate to CCFA.

So there you have it – how I donate to CCFA.

How do you find the resources to donate to your favorite charities? Share in the comments! 🙂

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