Team Challenge Virtual Turkey Trot

Team Challenge Virtual Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 This morning, I ran a mile for the inaugural Team Challenge Virtual Turkey Trot for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA).

CCFA is one of my favorite charities because they support the health of much of my family, so many of my friends, and myself. Because of CCFA’s work, we can receive treatments that work and hope for a cure for Crohn’s and colitis. So it was great fun to get up, throw on my Team Challenge singlet over my warm winter gear, pin a turkey bib to it, put on my sparkle skirt over my pajama pants and run a Turkey Trot right from my own front door. I felt totally ridiculous in my outfit, but also totally overjoyed. I ran a single mile, down to a nearby hospital and back, thinking about those I know with Crohn’s and glad that most of them are relatively healthy right now and none of them spent their Thanksgiving in the hospital. That alone is a whole lot to be grateful for.

I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed running a virtual race alone. I thought it would feel more like a training run than a race. In some ways, it did feel like training, but in others, it didn’t at all. I was more reflective on this run than I often am, focusing on what I’m grateful for. It also felt more like a race later in the day when I was checking out all the #tcturkeytrot photos on Instagram and Twitter – a lot of people ran for this cause today! I’m grateful for that, too.

Short distance runs are easy, give me energy, and usually help relieve any belly pain I might’ve woken up with, so by nine am my husband and I were at my parents house ready for a day full of Irish food (sometimes we do non-traditional themes for Thanksgiving). Here are a few photo highlights of our wonderful day:

Frying up black and white pudding for breakfast (Mom doing all the work, me taking all the photos).
Setting the table for breakfast.

Our Thanksgiving dinner: ham, creamed potatoes, Irish soda bread, green beans with parsley sauce.
My cat in a box after we got home and emptied all the leftovers out of it, presumably trying to figure out where her Thanksgiving dinner is…

I’m also truly grateful for my family and friends who I didn’t get to see or hug this Thanksgiving. I especially missed my brother, but he spent Thanksgiving with his fiance and they ran a turkey trot dressed in homemade turkey costumes, so I’m grateful that he had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that he has such an awesome fiance to trot with him dressed as a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers, I hope it was wonderful.

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