BB’s Restaurant, Jacksonville, FL

BB’s Restaurant, Jacksonville, FL

Today’s post comes from PghTasteBudB of The Pittsburgh TasteBuds, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on 101 Achievements, where my husband and I review some Pittsburgh charcuterie.

Much like Erin here on Don’t Forget to Eat!, over on Pittsburgh TasteBuds, we tend to take the show on the road from city to city, usually in the attempt to roll our way to some bowling trophies.

While traveling to a recent tournament in Jacksonville, Florida for a full weekend of bowling debotchery, we sought to put some south in our mouth when we visited bb’s restaurant, a consistent award winner in the Jacksonville food scene. Though not the stereotypical “southern cuisine” of grits and barbecue sauce, we were treated to great hospitality and some delectable eats.


We started with the meze platter with hummus which paired quite well with each of our repsective wines (TasteBudA a Cabernet Sauvignon and TasteBudB a Chardonnay). The server even refilled out toasted pita bowl once as I favored the jalapeno chips with baba ganoush & olives. With lots to talk about following a day of bowling on separate lanes, it was a great casual start to our meal.

Before we knew it it was time for some entrees. I had stuck to my guns and ordered the jambalaya pizza. The pizza had just enough southern pizzazz to tickle my tastebuds for dinner. As you can see, the pizza was loaded with andouille sausage, cajun shrimp, chicken, bell peppers, mozzarella, & creole tomato sauce. All of the pizzas are available with gluten-free crust for an upcharge, though I went for the classic. With all the toppings, I was impressed at how well the crust held up to the hefty task of keeping shape. And as it turned out, the pizza wasn’t too spicy either, though quite filling. I took two slices back to the room with me to have as a midnight snack following some drinks with our bowling tournament-mates.

I wish we could say we took home a trophy, but alas TasteBudA and I placed just seventh in the doubles competition and came up empty handed in singles and team events. We look forward to returning to favorite cities like Columbus, Washington D.C, and Cleveland later this year. 2015 may even be the year we make it to Philadelphia for the first time. All the while, I can guarantee that we won’t forget to eat! Follow our other TasteBud Travels and local restaurant reviews on our blog at

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