Bikes, Brats, And Beers With Milwaukee Food And City Tours

Bikes, Brats, And Beers With Milwaukee Food And City Tours

I met some of my favorite tour guides of all time on the Bikes, Brats, and Beers Tour with Milwaukee Food and City Tours last month. These guides were full of energy, information, jokes, and smiles. I couldn’t help but hang on their every word (even after a few beers!) and I can’t wait to try another one of their tours next time I’m in Milwaukee (maybe for a half marathon).



Our first stop on the tour was the Harley-Davidson Museum. Our tour guide, John, was so passionate each step of the way. He gave us the full history of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company from the time it was just some guys in a Milwaukee garage through their glory days, dark times, and back to the power house they are now. It was a whirlwind tour in which we laughed, cried, and saw a ton of bikes.


The oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle in existence.




Bloggers photographing and eating delicious food at Wisconsin Cheese Mart and Uber Tap Room.

Next up, the Wisconsin Cheese Mart and Uber Tap Room where we enjoyed brats, beer, and cheese! After our time at the museum, we were all ready for the food part of our tour and our first beer of the evening. Thanks to a recommendation from some friendly locals at the bar I tried the Cashmere Hammer from 3 Sheeps Brewing in Sheboygan. The silky, chocolatey, rye-heavy beer was the perfect thing to cut the richness of all the cheese we ate. Our table was piled with cheese, sausages, grilled cheese sandwiches, deep fried cheese curds, and brats in pretzel buns. The dried cranberries on the cheese plates were the only remotely healthy bites. But everything was delicious. All the cheese varieties are kind of a blur now, but I promise your palate will not be bored on this tour.



Finally, beer, beer, and more beer at the Lakefront Brewery. Win #1: You get your first beer at the beginning of the tour. I began with the Extended Play, a hoppy but easy to drink India Session Ale. Then, we went down into the brewery where we learned about brewing, tried to keep up with our tour guides rapid-fire jokes, and had the opportunity to earn tokens for extra beer tastings (win #2). Halfway through the tour, there’s a second beer stop (win #3!) so I sampled the Eastside Dark, their award-winning dark lager. I think you get the second beer so that everyone is ready to sing at the end of the tour – full audience participation required! The tour wraps up right where Laverne and Shirley famously tried their hands at bottling beer, so I think you know what you’ll have to sing.


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