Why I Travel Even When All Signs Point To No

Why I Travel Even When All Signs Point To No

I’m sneaking out of town this weekend and everyone who has interacted with me this week probably thinks I’m insane.

That is, unless they know me REALLY well. Like blood relatives and the people you wish were your blood relatives. Anyone who knows that my parents used to drive me around the block until I fell asleep when I was a baby because I slept better in the car. Of course, when I got older, if I stayed awake I puked – so I still hold the unfortunate nickname Rapid Ralph. Thanks, family.

But seriously, thanks family. And thanks friends. The ones who know it’s always worse when I don’t go, no matter what challenges await.

Here are a few of the “signs” (in quotations because they’re really excuses) that point to not taking a trip this weekend and why they are utter bullshit.

One of my all time favorite sunset memories and I’d have missed it if I’d said, “nope, too sick.” Taken in Grand Marais, Michigan.


  1. I’m still recovering from a back injury from my most recent trip a couple weeks ago so I might be in pain on the train and I might not be able to walk as far as usual.
    • This is BS because I’ve traveled in worse pain a zillion times. The hotel has a hot tub. I’m in physical therapy. I’m visiting two of my oldest friends who I haven’t seen in years so if by some misfortune we have to spend an entire day laying around because of me, it’s NO BIG DEAL. Also: It’s called Tylenol.
  2. I panicked the last time I was on a train and then in a train station and I have to take a train all night twice.
    • Cut yourself some slack, lady. There were extenuating circumstances. You love the train. And this one has a formal dining car. You know, the one you adore even though the food is overpriced and lousy? Take heart, my dear, you’ll be fine.
  3. I’ve taken a ton of time off from work (see injury above) and shouldn’t I make sure I’m up for work next week?
    • Newsflash Erin: If you travel, you’ll be more up for work EVERY TIME. (Well, unless you check yourself out of the hospital against medical advice.) Go. Always.
  4. People might think I’m not taking care of myself, that I’m somehow ignoring my self care by going gallivanting off to another city when I feel sub par.
    • Let them. Since when do you care what people think? You know that travel is part of your self care, so would you just go pack already?
  5. If my dog gets sicker or I get sicker or someone else gets sick or sicker I might need the money more later and wish I had it.
    • Dude, when have you ever regretted travel? You can earn more money later if you need it. Get out of the house. Now.

So, I really want to know: what keeps you from traveling? What reasons/signs/excuses keep you at home? Or how do you go even though you’re nervous or ill or whatever? I promise I’ll respond to you much more compassionately than I respond to my own inner thoughts. They need tough love at times like these. It took the hard work of my friends and family over the past two weeks to remind me who I am and convince me to get going. If you need it, I’d love to pay it forward and do the same for you. Feel free to respond in the comments or send me a snap @travelwellwerin!

Happy travels friends. Just get going. It’ll be okay.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or psychological professional of any kind. There are times when travel is not ideal for medical or psychological reasons and this is not meant to be advice for those sorts of severe issues. If you’re not sure, ask for help.


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