November 2015 Recap

November 2015 Recap

If I had to choose one word to describe November it would be: UNEXPECTED. Nothing about November was planned except for one set of bus tickets that I bought back in August. I have so much to say about November and yet I am completely speechless. I’ve tried to sit down and write this post every day this month so far and today is the first day that I can even begin to form thoughts.


State College, PA

New York, NY

Western Ohio

Pittsburgh, PA


This month I challenged myself to improve my dance skills with Cize. I can honestly say it was a mixed bag for me. Some days I loved it, some days I was frustrated because I couldn’t learn the moves, and a few days I was a little bit bored because I don’t like doing the same exact exercise several days in a row even if I get a little better at it every day and I learn a new dance routine in the end. I found that in the middle days of learning routines I just wasn’t excited to get up and exercise. Well, except for the second routine and the final one. Those two were pure joy all the way through for some reason. I think I’ll keep this workout on hand for when I want to do something different for cross training but it won’t be my primary workout for a whole month again.


Food and writing in State College.


Since I began the month on leave from work to heal my mind and body and my best friend needed to study for her boards for her job, we decided to hide out for the first week of November in an Airbnb in State College. She studied and I did a ton of writing and soul searching. When we couldn’t work anymore we went out for walks and enjoyed delicious food at some great State College restaurants like Berkey Creamery and Pho 11. At the end of the week she passed her boards and by the middle of the next I had made some life changing decisions that stemmed from all that soul searching.

Drinks at “Scout.”


I had the absolute pleasure of taking the “Sex and the City” tour of NYC with some very special people. My favorite part of the tour was a stop for Cosmopolitans at Onieal’s Grand Street Bar & Restaurant, which is Steve’s bar “Scout” in the show. The bar is so cozy, the Cosmos are fantastic, and we all laughed an awful lot while we were there.

Birthday surprises.

I turned 29! And my family pulled out all the stops. We went to a restaurant I’ve loved for many years for dinner. We tried foods that I’d never had before for lunch. And I got to hug everyone.

Time with family and friends.

I got to see all of my closest family members this month. It’s not often that happens. I got at least one hug from each of them and that’s amazing.


Making decisions and taking scary steps.

My medical leave was due to end at the close of November, but I wasn’t ready to go back and wasn’t sure I ever would be. So I quit my job. It did not feel too good to quit while on leave. Nearly a month out it still eats at me that I left the way I did. Because I really love the people I worked with. But I wouldn’t have been doing anyone any favors by going back.

I can barely handle working a traditional full-time job, going to doctor’s appointments/infusion treatments, and getting in writing time when I’m feeling well. When things go wrong, it’s disaster. I get tired and cranky and my work gets sloppy. I don’t like that.

To be my best version of me and to actually be of use in this world, I need to be able to work on my own schedule. I need to be able to take a nap in the middle of the morning that lasts into the middle of the afternoon if I feel icky during that part of the day and still work before and after it. It’s not fair to ask that of any office job on a permanent basis. It’s not good for anyone.

Luckily, the work I’ve always wanted to do allows me to do that. My calling is writing. Travel and fitness are my passions and my favorite things to write about. By pursuing this business I can take care of myself better and then care for everyone around me better too. I am so happy to have this opportunity. I don’t like the way it presented itself, too much heartbreak led up to it, but it’s great to be here now. I’m so grateful. I’m going to soak up every gorgeous minute of this feeling.

What was November like for you? Have you been through any major changes this year?

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