Where I Drank Coffee In Cleveland, February 2016

Where I Drank Coffee In Cleveland, February 2016

“Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute…unless you want to just roll up a dollar bill and go nuts.” – Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls




Before I even walked in the door at Pour I knew I’d like it! That sign was just too much. It was the middle of February! But it was a beautiful 70 degree day too.

My bestie had been looking forward to trying Pour for weeks (maybe months?) so it was the perfect day to finally go. Since Pour is in downtown and downtown empties out in the evenings, Pour keeps short hours. They close at 6 pm on weekdays and earlier on the weekends. It’s a daytime place.


The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, eager to recommend a pour over and to describe the flavors. I didn’t take their recommendation because the favorite of the day tasted just like a chocolate covered cherry and I hate those. The coffee I did have was fantastic. And bestie ordered the chocolate cherry coffee and loved it, she confirmed it did taste exactly like chocolate and cherries.

Looking forward to hitting up this spot for coffee in Cleveland again. Maybe when it’s actually summer and I’m in the mood for a cold brew.



” There is a serious coffee scene happening in Cleveland and Rising Star is the epicenter. They’re serious about sourcing, roasting and brewing for full flavor and aroma and about making sure they treat everyone from the growers to the customers right.” – Alton Brown


Alton Brown loves Rising Star so it’s no shock that I do too. My long-time obsession has served me well in my kitchen over the years so why not in my coffee stops, too?

I stopped in at the Rising Star location in Little Italy on a weekday morning. It was busy but not packed. There was no line so I got to chat with the barista who strongly recommended the Adado described in the photo above. While I didn’t notice the black tea body, I did notice the natural sweetness. It was so easy to drink. Totally kicking myself for not bringing home a bag of beans.



If you want a place where you can drink good coffee and work all day, this is it. Seriously, it’s a bloggers paradise.


This place is HUGE! It is literally a coffee HOUSE. Turn right when you walk in the front door and you’ll find the counter with a massive coffee menu on the wall behind it listing everything from your basic cup of coffee to indulgent mocha choices. There’s a pastry case as well and everything in it is homemade. I treated myself to a blueberry muffin that was packed with blueberries. I didn’t sample anything off of their lunch menu, but it sounds delicious and everything on it is homemade as well so you can’t beat that. Well, at least not until you realize that everything is at student prices!

This is definitely a student coffee house (it’s in University Circle, so duh), but it’s open to the public.

After you get your coffee, head to the left of the entrance or upstairs into one of the many rooms filled with tables. There are plenty of outlets, the WiFi is reliable, and most people seem to come to stay. So get cozy and get to work.


Thanks to Destination Cleveland and Runway Joy for recommendations.

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