4 Things I Learned At WITS 2016

4 Things I Learned At WITS 2016

I just returned from California a couple of days ago and while I was there for a solid week the trip still felt like a crazy whirlwind! The core of the trip was for WITS: the Women In Travel Summit. This year it was held in Irvine, CA and since I’d never been to southern California, I got up to some other adventures that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. But for now: let’s consider this awesome conference and five of the many things I learned.


Seriously, I knew California would be beautiful. But I didn’t expect to be completely obsessed with the OC sun, beaches, palm trees, and marshes. Photos tell the story best.









Of course I knew this before, but being surrounded by so many was totally new to me. I’d never been around this many bloggers, all female, and all in love with travel. Each one I met had a different story to tell about how she works and travels the world. There are endless ways to work in this field and I’m so excited to be in it.

These are a few of my new friends:

Susie of Dabble In Travel. In addition to blogging, she’s a travel coach ready to help you travel the world.

Sara of Travel With Sara. Sara’s specialty is writing about her home state of Iowa and the Midwest but she also writes about her travels throughout the USA.

Gabi Logan. Gabi is a journalist and photographer with a brand new book out.


Some of the most popular content out there is video. The Facebook content that gets the most clicks and views is video. YouTube is exploding. Snapchat is exploding. And now Periscope is exploding too.

And I don’t really do video. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s that it’s so time consuming and I haven’t chosen to add it to my repertoire. But it may be time. I’m on Snapchat and it may not be long before you see me on YouTube as well. I’ll keep you posted! But if you’re a blogger, know that it’s time to consider video content.


I volunteered at WITS in exchange for my conference ticket and it was so worth it. I made friends that I might not have met if I hadn’t volunteered. I  helped out the conference organizers during three short shifts and got to know a couple of them. And the rest of my time was mine. Really and truly mine. I only missed one session that I really wanted to see and it will be recorded so I can watch it later. Perfect. I highly recommend finding out if you can do this at conferences, especially if you are just starting out in your business.

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