Awesome Austin Food Trucks

Awesome Austin Food Trucks

It seems like most of the food in Austin is served from a truck. Tacos, barbecue, ice cream, fried chicken, juice, pasta…it never ends. With just three days in Austin I was barely able to scratch the surface of what these awesome trucks have to offer. Austin is basically a food truck lover’s heaven and it would take months to really do them justice. But here’s what I did have time to sample.

Gourdough’s: Big. Fat. Donuts.

Photo credit: Bethany Bandi

These donuts. Oh. My. God.

They are massive. The donuts themselves are perfect: fluffy, chewy round of deep fried dough.

And then there are the toppings. The one pictured above is the Miss Shortcake: cream cheese icing and strawberries. Believe it or not, this is one of the simpler, less intense options.

If you want to get totally sinful you could try the Fat Elvis with bananas, bacon, peanut butter icing, and honey. Or maybe the Black Out with brownie batter, fudge icing, and chocolate covered brownie bites.

My donut of choice was the Granny’s Pie: caramel, graham crackers, pecans, and bananas.


Regal Ravioli


When you think Texas, you don’t necessarily think pasta. But after days of barbecue and Mexican food (meaning meat, beer, and tacos), something a bit lighter sounds good. Enter Regal Ravioli.

This truck (just across the street from Gordough’s) serves up made to order ravioli. The vegetarian specialties are particularly creative. I enjoyed a huge bowl of ravioli with a roasted beet filling topped with pecan pesto. The pesto was so good I could have just eaten it out of a bowl with a spoon. Get anything with the pecan pesto on it and you’re automatically a winner at Regal Ravioli.

La Barbecue

We went to La Barbecue on the recommendation of a friend who said it’s awesome barbecue with not too much of a wait. Compared to the stories we heard about other barbecue places in the area, he was totally right about the wait despite the fact that we stood in line for 90 minutes.


I know that it sounds miserable to wait in line for that long, but everyone just goes with it and turns it into a party. You can bring in your own drinks, which definitely helps the time go by and makes the line feel more like a summer picnic than a line.

Pro tip: If you forget to bring beer with you, the East 1st Grocery is less than a block away and has an incredible beer selection. I didn’t see it myself because I sent Beth shopping while I held our spot in line, but I did thoroughly enjoy the Austin Eastciders Dry Cider she brought back.

Sneaking a peek into one of the three smokehouse trailers.

La Barbecue consists of one food truck where orders are taken, sides are prepped, and food is served plus three huge smokehouse trailers. Employees are constantly running back and forth between the smokehouses and food truck with slabs of meat.

By the time we got to the front of the line, we had to try a variety of items. We both ordered brisket because we’ve become addicted to a good brisket and then got everything else to share. I chose a sausage, which was slightly spicy, juicy with the perfect level of chewiness. Beth chose pork ribs which were the absolute best thing we ate at La Barbecue. Thanks so much to the friends we made in line for recommending the ribs!

And then of course there are the sides. We tried most of them. The chipotle slaw was good, but a bit much flavor-wise to pair with everything else. Maybe it’s just me but I wanted something light and fresh with all that meat. Which is why the homemade pickles are perfect. I probably could have eaten 4 of them right then and there. The Southwest Black Bean Salad was on point as well and we quietly “fought” over the last bites of the potato salad.


Hey Cupcake


If only we hadn’t already eaten so well earlier in the day when we visited Hey Cupcake. We had to SPLIT a cupcake. It’s unthinkable how full we must have been because we stuck to just the one cupcake between the two of us even though it was amazing. We got a basic flavor: vanilla with chocolate frosting (a mutual favorite flavor). The cake was perfectly moist and crumbly. The chocolate icing piped perfectly on top was the only giveaway that this might not be one of those incredible homemade cupcakes from childhood days gone by.

And…Just Some Food Truck Photos

Here’s a sample of places we passed but didn’t have enough room in our bellies to sample.

Ms. P’s Electric Cock Fried Chicken
Taco Flats
The Science Cream

Have you been to Austin? What are your favorite food trucks?


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