Where I Drank Coffee: San Antonio, Texas

Where I Drank Coffee: San Antonio, Texas

In San Antonio, it’s easy to find the coffee chains but hard to find the local places. The search for the hidden gems is so worth it though. Here are four places to try on your trip to SA.


Just a short walk from the Riverwalk, the highlight of Sugarloaph is the variety of coffees stirred up with liquor. Despite all the options, the choicce was clear to me: the Clint Eastwood coffee. It’s a layered drink with espresso, cream, and whiskey. It’s meant to be downed in a couple of gulps, but I liked it to well to down it that fast. It makes a nice sipping drink if you like the pairing of coffee and whiskey.

La Villita Cafe


Tucked in La Villita Arts Village, this coffee shop looks kind of like a tourist trap of a restaurant from the outside. But in truth there are solid breakfast tacos and great, cheap coffee to be had here. The coffee is from local San Antonio Coffee Roasters. A hot cup of black coffee is a nice complement to a mildly spicy chorizo and egg breakfast taco.

Rosella Coffee


Rosella is a bit out of the way of most of the things you’ll want to see in San Antonio, but it is worth the journey to this hipster hideout. After walking to Rosella in the hot sun, a treat was in order so we sampled their coffee via an affogato. A single scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a double shot of espresso. The ice cream is sweet and cold. The espresso is hot and bitter. Somehow combining the two makes a perfect treat on a hot day.

Rosella also serves food and beer! So of course we had some beer too. Southleigh Pecan Mild Ale on draft for me and a can of Austin Eastciders Dry Cider for Beth.


Schilo’s Delicatessan


Deli coffee is usually nothing special and often kind of lousy, but the coffee at Schilo’s was awesome. It was just a basic cup of black coffee that came with breakfast, but I loved it. The food is awesome too. Schilo’s is a German deli that opened in 1917. Their signature breakfast is named for the original owner Papa Fritz. It’s two eggs, a bratwurst, and two carbs. I went for grits and biscuits.

Have you been to San Antonio? What are your favorite places to get coffee? Let me know in the comments below! 


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