Why Snapchat Is The Hot Platform For Travel Bloggers Right Now

Why Snapchat Is The Hot Platform For Travel Bloggers Right Now

Since I was a tiny child I’ve loved travel shows. I grew up on a steady diet of Samantha Brown, Rick Steves, and Anthony Bourdain. In the back of my mind I always thought it would be really cool to have my own travel show. And, now, I do. Thanks to Snapchat. I have the Travel Well With Erin completely unscripted reality show airing whenever the heck I feel like it.

You can have your own show, too.

How fun is that?

Why Snapchat Is Awesome

It’s authentic

Those travel shows I mentioned? I still like them now, but not as much as I used to like them. The veil has been lifted and I know how television works. I know that it’s scripted and too perfect and can be totally awful to film. Those shows I loved are super polished and you don’t see things like tiny airplane seats or rain.

Snaps are full of crying babies, lost luggage, traffic jams, and dirty laundry. Snaps are also full of crystal clear blue water in the Maldives, pretzels the size of your head in Germany, and purple and orange sunsets in the Thai islands. The best travel bloggers on Snapchat show you the coolest things to do and the realities of what it takes to get there. And they do it without the support of makeup artists and hair stylists.

It’s a great way to break into video

If you’ve been having that feeling that you want to try to learn how to shoot videos but you’re not sure where to start then try Snapchat. All you need is a smartphone to get started. You can learn whether you like shooting video, being on camera, etc., and learn how to do that well before going all in on expensive camera equipment.

It’s growing like crazy

By the end of 2016, Snapchat will have more users than Twitter and Pinterest.

And even though the app is growing fastest among younger users, adults are falling in love with Snapchat once they finally use it. Every time I show someone how to use Snapchat, they love it. It’s like this Buzzfeed video of adults using Snapchat for the first time come to life.

It’s fun

Seriously, Snapchat is fun. I haven’t had this much fun with social media since I created my Facebook account back in 2005. Back then, social media was pure joy for me. Snapchat brings me back to that world where I truly love social media. I think that’s the big appeal for people in their late twenties and early thirties: the attitude of Snapchat is like a step back in time but the technology is so much cooler.

Travel Bloggers To Follow On Snapchat

I follow many wonderful travel accounts on Snapchat. These are a few of my favorites. If you want to follow them too, search for them by username or screenshot their Snapcodes below and add them on Snapchat. Have fun!

Cailin O’Neil of Travel Yourself @cailinoneil


Cailin’s snaps are hilarious. She knows how to show up on video because video is her specialty. She’s leading the charge in travel snaps and even coordinating Snaphappen, a huge Snapchat event coming to London this September.

Backpacker Brock @backpackerbrock


Brock also specializes in video and it shows in the high quality of his snaps. He’s full of joy and manages to find something entertaining to say or do even on the most mundane travel days (like 12 hour bus rides).

Expat Edna @expatedna


Edna is a fantastic tour guide. She highlights the best restaurants, bars, and sights she sees wherever she goes. She’s based in Paris right now and it’s so much fun to see her take on the city.

The Planet D @theplanetd


Dave and Deb of The Planet D are constantly having fun. They play off each other so well in their travel snaps. You can see how much they love life and share theirs with us from all over the world.

Leah Travels @leahtravels


Leah strikes a wonderful balance between silly and informative. She tells it like it is and is great at interviewing people she’s with. When I learn things from her, I don’t even realize it right away because I’m just entertained.

TripIt @tripitcom


I love TripIt because they have so many travel bloggers take over their account for a day or two. I’ve discovered so many great Snappers from their account. It’s a great spot to get a taste of the best travel snaps out there and learn what you like in a Snapchat Story.


Are you on Snapchat?

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