Month In Review: June 2016

Month In Review: June 2016

Destinations Visited

Pittsburgh, PA

Troy, OH

Binghamton, NY

Brant Lake, NY/the Adirondack Park

Miles Traveled Map


Favorite Destination of the Month

Brant Lake, NY in the Adirondack Park

I grew up near Brant Lake and I adore the Adirondacks. I haven’t spent a full week there in years and it was so refreshing to do so. We hiked four mountains, went mini golfing, ate great food, and made daily campfires.



Best Travel Moment

Sitting around the campfire in Brant Lake. Kevin builds impressive campfires that burn for hours and hours. My whole family enjoyed sitting by the fire to chat, have some drinks, and cook food. We had no cell service and intermittent internet access. It was wonderful just to unplug and unwind with my family.


Worst Travel Moment

My travel struggles this month are nothing compared to what I lost on June 27, 2016. We boarded our sweet Beagle Geordi while we were away in Brant Lake and the day we were to pick him up he got very sick. The vet where we board him called and told us that he was stable but needed to be checked out at the emergency vet. She advised we not even take him home, just go straight to the emergency room. So we did. He was slow and unhappy when we picked him up and by the time we got to the vet he could walk but his gums were grey, a sign that he’s not getting enough oxygen. He was taken from us immediately to be put on oxygen and within minutes we were discussing possible end of life options. After a long, awful evening we said good-bye to him. It was quick, peaceful, and utterly gut-wrenching. My home life has revolved around him and his needs for a long time. Without them, I’m at a loss. Every hour of my life at home included him. I traveled frequently over the past two months and had been looking forward to being home to spend some time with him. I might have to plan an extra trip to get out of the house for a bit.

Geordi was happy until his last day and for that I will always be grateful.



Favorite Travel Tool

This month I finally sprung for a S’well bottle. And boy is it swell! (I know, I know…)

But I really do love it. It promises to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. It kept my coffee warm for over 18 hours when I used it the first time. I made coffee at 9 pm the night before I needed it and had hot coffee from the time I woke up that morning through my entire 12 hour bus ride. Plus, it’s cute and fits easily in my bag with a secure top so I don’t worry about leaking. If you’re like me, that’s all you need to make this bottle your new best travel friend.

Social Media Growth

Instagram followers: 590

I made some changes to my Instagram feed and haven’t been focusing here as much this month, so the drop isn’t too surprising. With all of the new ways to share travel through video, I think Instagram is going to become less popular over time.

Snapchat score: 789

Average views per Snap: 35

Snapchat is my new love and I’m all in on Snapchat now. My views per Snap doubled this month and I’m planning to double it again in July!

Most Popular Instagram Photo


Blog Posts I Loved

Cruising & Making an Impact with Fathom to the Dominican Republic



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Where did you travel in June 2016? Let me know in the comments below! 

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