Cateye Retro Sunglasses Are Perfect For Cloudy Days In Pittsburgh

Cateye Retro Sunglasses Are Perfect For Cloudy Days In Pittsburgh

I love accessories. I’m good at packing light, but when it comes to accessories, that’s where things get challenging. Hats, scarves, rings, earrings, purses…and sunglasses. Perhaps especially sunglasses since I had my bout of episcleritis this spring and my eyes were extra sensitive to light. So I was completely delighted when invited me to customize and test out a pair of sunglasses.

I chose these Cateye Retro sunglasses in purple, my signature color. They’re tinted gray with anti-reflective coating and anti-UV coating.


I love the dark shade of purple of these glasses frames and the light tint of the lenses. These match most of my clothes, which is great because my signature hot pink sunnies are not so easy to coordinate. The only issue with the look: I’m not sure they look great on my face. I tested them out with the TryOn feature on the GlassesShop website and I wasn’t in love with the look there, but I didn’t hate it either. So I gambled, thinking that I probably couldn’t get a totally accurate look from the TryOn feature anyway. In hindsight, I should have trusted TryOn because it turned out to be spot on.

Maybe the sunglasses look fine and I’m just not used to them yet because they are so different from my other pairs?

They’re so pretty so I’m going to keep wearing them until someone tells me I look like a fool…and then probably not care and keep wearing them after that too.


The anti-UV coating on the lenses protects the eyes from sun damage, much like sunscreen protects your skin. This is a key feature for me because I have perfect eyesight and only one eye problem ever and I’d like to keep it that way.

The anti-reflective coating reduces glare and improves light transmission through the glasses so you can see in dimmer conditions. I love this feature of these sunglasses because they are perfect for changeable Pittsburgh weather. It’s often cloudy here. On cloudy days, most of my sunglasses are too dark so I’m constantly taking them on and off. These let a little bit more light through than my other pairs so I can put them on once and leave them there on even the cloudiest of days.

If you need prescription sunglasses, GlassesShop can make prescription lenses for these and other frames. I just don’t need those so I can’t review the prescription part.

For travel, these glasses are also super durable. They’re lightweight plastic, but they’re not going to bend or break on you too easily. They’ve survived several weeks in my purse and have even been put to the ultimate durability test of letting the cat play with them. (Don’t do this on purpose though, okay?)


These Cateye Retro sunglasses are definitely coming with me to Nashville in two weeks!

Like these sunglasses? Get your own pair or another design from GlassesShop with the coupon code GSHOT50. Enjoy!

Do you guys love accessories like sunglasses? What are some of your favorite fun travel accessories? Let me know in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: I kept the sunglasses in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and I really do love these sunglasses. The review wouldn’t have made it to the site if I didn’t. <3

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