How-To Explore A New City With Pokemon Go

How-To Explore A New City With Pokemon Go

On our recent trip to Nashville, my husband and I played Pokemon Go together everywhere, all day, each day. It was awesome because Kevin got to bring his passion for gaming to my passion for travel.

So far, you can play in much of North America and Europe and the list of countries is expected to grow.

Destinations, restaurants, and sights are leveraging Pokemon sightings and their status as Pokestops to draw in more visitors – and it’s working!

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello has posted at least two Pokemon sightings on Instagram.


Museum Hack is connecting Pokemon and art with their new Pokemon Go tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The National Mall and Memorial Parks are posting Pokemon sightings on Facebook.

The Andy Warhol Museum has Tweeted about Pokemon.

And the list goes on and on…

This game is here to stay for awhile and so much fun to play.

What I Like About Traveling With Pokemon Go

  • Pokestops are usually interesting places like historic landmarks, bars, murals or churches. Often, you can read about the sight when you open the Pokestop in your app. It’s a fun way to learn about places you are new to or may have passed by many times.


  • You might see something interesting while in the app that you’ve never heard of before. You can easily go check it out in real life afterward! We saw the Vanderbilt University art museum for the first time in the app and made a quick stop in.


  • You can find meetups to meet locals. I haven’t tried this yet, but it sure seems like a fun way to meet like-minded locals when traveling. There are so many way to find meetups online. has a ton of groups for Pokemon Go and other ways to meet people while traveling.


  • Just like when you’re talking on the phone, texting or otherwise distracted, you’re more likely to get pick-pocketed or accosted while playing Pokemon Go. The solution: pay attention to your surroundings. Enjoy playing the game, but remember that it’s just a game, your health and safety come first.


  • This shouldn’t need to be said, but people still drink and drive and people still text and drive so here goes: DON’T PLAY POKEMON GO WHILE DRIVING.


  • Respect your surroundings. Many Pokestops are at historic landmarks that deserve your utmost respect. Don’t break the rules just to catch Pokemon.


  • Not all Pokestops are made equal. There’s no guarantee from Niantic that all Pokestops are safe. If you’re heading towards a Pokestop and you feel like you’re in a not so safe neighborhood, then leave. There are plenty of other Pokestops in the world.

Do you play Pokemon Go? Have you tried it while traveling?


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