4 Off The Beaten Path Places To Go Leaf Looking

4 Off The Beaten Path Places To Go Leaf Looking

I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains. Every autumn I enjoyed some of the most beautiful fall scenes that America has to offer. Thousands of people passed through my town just to see the leaves. We called them leaf lookers and groaned when they drove 20 miles an hour in a 55 just because they were looking at the leaves.

Now I understand these people, the leaf lookers.

Yes, we have fall leaves here in Pittsburgh, but it’s nothing like the Adirondacks, the rest of New York, and New England.

When I dream of a perfect autumn day, these are the places I have in mind.

Chestertown, NY/The Adirondacks

In my mind, there’s no more beautiful place to be in the autumn than my hometown. All I had to do was roll out of bed on a fall day to see a perfect leafy view. Driving to the grocery store was beautiful. If you want to be surrounded by endless gorgeous fall leaves, just drive up to Chestertown and keep going north. The beautiful leaves will stay with you for hundreds of miles in the Adirondack Park. If you want to stay in Chestertown, the Friends Lake Inn is gorgeous.

Photo credit: Lida, Creative Commons License

Pittsburg, NH

If you want to see plenty of autumn leaves and moose then Pittsburg, New Hampshire is the leaf looking destination you want to visit. This area is known as Moose Alley because of the high moose population. Drive up and down Moose Alley in the early morning or at twilight and you’re nearly guaranteed to see moose. On my family trips there, we saw more moose than I ever could have imagined. The Cabins at Lopstick are an affordable yet surprisingly luxurious place to stay.

Woodstock, VT

My friend Tess grew up in Woodstock and she is one of the few people I know who grew up in the middle of autumn scenes as wonderful as the ones I saw. Woodstock is the quintessential New England town. Stay just off the beaten path at someplace like the Kedron Valley Inn to enjoy leisurely cups of coffee with a beautiful view each morning before setting off hiking or apple picking.

Photo credit: Mark Goebel

Washington Depot, CT

This town inspired Stars Hollow, the gorgeous town that’s home to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. I’ve only ever seen the fictional Stars Hollow on television, but Gilmore Girls always has the most perfect autumn scenes. If fall in Washington Depot is half as good, then it is amazing. The Rooster Tail Inn in nearby Warren looks almost as inviting as the Independence Inn from the show.

What are your favorite places to go see fall leaves?

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