3 Reasons You Need To Visit Cleveland Right Now

3 Reasons You Need To Visit Cleveland Right Now

There are a million reasons to visit Cleveland from music to sports to fun. But today I’m going to leave you with just three reasons you need to visit Cleveland right now and photos to prove my point.

The Parks Are Gorgeous

Edgewater Park

Trails at Edgewater Park are great for running and biking any season. In the summer, enjoy the beach, fishing pier and children’s playground. This gorgeous view is available year-round. 😉

Voinovich Bicentennial Park

Walk along Lake Erie just outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to enjoy this park with beach volleyball, grass to play on, and a Mexican restaurant.

Voinovich Bicentennial Park
Scranton Flats

Access the expanding Towpath Trail from Scranton Flats in Tremont. From here you can bike or walk along the river. Or, enjoy the view then skip the nature thing and head into Tremont for dinner or coffee.

The Coffee Is Amazing and the Coffee Signs Are Hilarious

“There is a serious coffee scene happening in Cleveland and Rising Star is the epicenter. They’re serious about sourcing, roasting and brewing for full flavor and aroma and about making sure they treat everyone from the growers to the customers right. It’s in a funky space in a funky neighborhood and … well … funky.” – Alton Brown

Rising Star Coffee
Outside Pour…in February

There’s Always A Party Going On

Whether you’re in Ohio City, Coventry or Lakewood, there’s going to be a party on Saturday night. Probably more than one. If you’re invited to a house party, say yes. If you aren’t, find a festival or go bar hopping. The Moscow Mules at Twist are amazing. A beer at Market Garden is always a good idea, especially if you share a pretzel with beer cheese with a good friend.

A little bit of rain didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the Lakewood Wine and Craft Beer Festival this year.
Bounce hosts an impressive drag show.


Have you been to Cleveland? What’s your favorite park,  coffee shop, or party spot there?

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