Reflections on 16 Years of Writing about Travel on the Internet

Reflections on 16 Years of Writing about Travel on the Internet

I’ve always been a travel writer at my core. Since before I knew I could combine travel and writing as a lifestyle, I did it and I wanted nothing more than to keep doing it.

I’m writing this from a bunk bed at a budget hotel in Manhattan. I’m paying for this trip with travel articles, writing product descriptions for a client, and in-kind reviews that you’ll see on the blog over the next few weeks. Even though it is stressful and challenging to work like this, I love it. I get to do the thing I always wished to do: be a travel writer.

Looking back, I’ve been one for 16 years, since Dad and Mom helped me post my first travelogue on the Internet back in 2000 when I came home from my first overseas trip. It published exactly 16 years ago today. It was a static collection of mini journal entries and photos from my trip. I took them all on a Kodak Advantix camera. Anyone remember those?

My favorite photograph from the trip, and one of the ones on the photo album page of that first site, is kind of awful but I still love it. The photo is of the back of the Queen Mum’s head, so really her hat, when she rode by in a car.


That site lived online for a year or two. I don’t know if anyone ever found it and read it.

Over the years I’ve had numerous websites and blogs, some travel-themed and some not, while trying to find my place in this crazy world of travel writing.

I even gave up the dream several times. I tried so hard not to do what to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing. But the thing about your true calling is this: it never stops calling no matter how often you don’t answer.

It has taken almost all of these 16 years to become confident in my travel writing and stop running from the thing I was put here to do: write about the world and help others experience the joy of travel and create peace through the understanding that people, all over the world are all simply human, just like us.


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