An Easy Tool for Planning Weekend Trips: TravelWits

An Easy Tool for Planning Weekend Trips: TravelWits

A couple weeks ago, I posted my best instructions for taking revitalizing weekend trips. Whelp! I just discovered a tool that makes taking a chilled out trip like that even easier. It’s from a company called TravelWits and they help you find the best deals on weekend getaways close to major U.S. cities. If you live in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, or Pittsburgh, TravelWits is the way to go for booking a weekend trip. The booking engine is available in Beta form right now and will launch fully this summer in those four cities.

How TravelWits Works For Planning Weekend Trips is a website that takes much of the headache out of trip planning. You input your location of origin, travel dates, budget, and how far you’re willing to travel and instantly generates a set of TripKits for your review. In the case of the weekend getaways from NYC, DC, Boston, and Pittsburgh, you’ll automatically start with a pre-populated search for the upcoming weekend with a preset budget and travel time.


You can easily change the dates, budget, and time in transit by adjusting the sliders at the top of the page or pressing Change Search in the upper right hand corner. After you make changes, you’ll get fully customized results. You can then filter your results in the sidebar to choose locations and hotel star rating.

Then, browse your TripKits. This is the fun part! You’ll see a nice overview of the TripKits with images and essential details like whether you have to fly or drive to get there. If a TripKit piques your interest, click the View/Book button to learn more about the hotel, how you’ll get there, and the cost. TripKits include the cost of the hotel and all transportation needed to get between your home and the hotel and back (including often forgotten things like shuttles from the airport).

Your TripKit is fully customizable. On the View/Book page, you can see each type of room offered at the hotel and select the one you wish from the most basic rooms to luxury suites. Hotel amenities and information about the surrounding area are also laid out in detail, so you know things like whether you’ll have WiFi before you hit book.

It really takes the stress out of planning weekend trips. And that’s the whole point isn’t it? Weekend trips are supposed to be relaxing!

My Favorite TravelWits Feature

TripKits include the cost of all the accommodations and transportation in the kit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve booked a flight because it was the cheapest only to later realize that it was at a time when public transit is unavailable and I would end up spending all my savings on a taxi or Uber to the airport. (Those five a.m. flights from Pittsburgh International get my every time.) You don’t run that risk with these packages. TravelWits factors that in for you! Any travel tool that saves me from myself and saves me money is a tool I like.

sample search results from

Where I Want to Go Next

I love my short, relaxing weekend trips and just from researching this article I’ve discovered two places that I want to visit!

Gettysburg Hotel

The Gettysburg Hotel looks nice and it’s reasonably priced. But the real draw for me is the location in Gettysburg. It’s only three and a half hours from Pittsburgh and I’ve still never been sightseeing at Gettysburg. That’s such a huge travel oversight on my part! I’m grateful the TravelWits search system reminded me it exists.

The Inn at Dresden

The Inn at Dresden TripKit is all about the bed and breakfast for this one of the weekend trips. It’s independently run with a full hot breakfast served daily and many of the rooms have really nice bathtubs. Both of those amenities are key for a relaxing weekend as far as I’m concerned. The relatively rural location with nearby hiking is just a bonus. It’s also just a couple hours drive from home.

Where do you want to go? Start your search at



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I wrote it because I really like TravelWits and all opinions are my own. 

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