Welcome to ErinSoutherland.com

Welcome to ErinSoutherland.com

Starting a new blog always feels like a breath of fresh air in the spring. It’s a new start and the possibilities are big, bright, and bold. It’s a welcome feeling as the days get shorter and colder and because my world has felt a bit small these past months due to new chronic illnesses mingling with existing ones to form something altogether frightening. But it’s also a new season and new seasons are refreshing in their own way, even when the new season is more dark than light.
I am a writer with a love of travel who happens to have four chronic diseases plus generalized anxiety disorder. The diseases: Crohn’s, vestibular migraine, enteropathic arthritis, and asthma. Travel and chronic disease are not best friends. But in my life, they are inextricably linked. And I will write about that often here. Because in many ways the experience is inexplicable, but I wish to find a way to explain it so that others with chronic illness might feel less alone, so that healthy people who love those of us with chronic illness can try to understand, and so that I can try to figure all of this out, too.

Life with chronic illness is being sick and feeling well at the same time. It’s minute to minute change. It’s feeling unreliable. It’s resting up for special occasions and resting to recover afterwards, and pretending everything is okay in the middle. It’s sometimes actually feeling fantastic for a special occasion. It’s going months or years feeling stable and then having the rug yanked out from under you overnight. It’s learning to be okay with all of that.

My writing career to date has been a long paragraph with pauses and periods stuck in all the wrong places. I feel great and I go all in. But then I get sick and I stall out. Start over. End things. Push too hard. Decide I’m unreliable. Decide I still have to work anyway. This site will have the patience to deal with the stop and start of it all because it isn’t just about travel or about recipes or about any one specific thing. It’s a personal blog through and through. When I have a story to tell or a tip to share, it will be here.

You’ll see posts dated before this one and after this one. Posts before this one will come slowly as I’ll be pulling them one at a time from the travel blog that I used to run and the food blog I had before that. The content that I feel is still relevant, interesting, and helpful will live here, eventually, beside all the new content that I will generate. I hope that you enjoy it all.

Cheers to good health and happy travels.


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