Vendemmia. Cosecha. Recolte. Sklizen. Harvest.

Vendemmia. Cosecha. Recolte. Sklizen. Harvest.

Writing and cooking in: Pittsburgh, PA

Whatever word you use for it, it’s here in Pittsburgh: Harvest. And I’ve abandoned you for it. Just when you’ve got a bushel of tomatoes on the counter, zucchini languishing on the kitchen table, half a pound of basil, and ears upon ears of corn to cook, I complete the disappearing act that has been inching towards reality since summer began. But the vegetables have needed me. The basil plants at Eden Hall have become bushes. And there are four rows of them plus random plants filling in gaps throughout the rest of the garden.

Life has been busy and beautiful, as a good, bountiful harvest should be. On Saturday mornings, I’ve been at Eden Hall weeding and harvesting with friends. Cool mornings have crept into hot afternoons as we’ve moved from pulling purslane and lambs quarters to filling baskets with tomatoes.

Despite our best efforts, some of the tomato vines have fallen resulting in split open (and some rotting) tomatoes, but I still think they’re beautiful with their covered over splits and the ones with open holes are just asking to be eaten on the spot with salt.

The onions are ready, too. They’re popping out of the ground, whole and ready to eat.

Everything is coming in now. The garden is overgrown and our baskets are full.

Even the butterflies are enjoying the harvest.

I brought home lots of goodies last week.

But I must have suppressed masochistic tendencies because I went to the farmer’s market, too. It’s just so beautiful at this time of year.

And I bought nectarines and made a Nectarine Gratin. Aayla watched me make it and Kevin helped me eat it.

If tomorrow’s garden adventure is anything like last week, I’ll be glad I banned myself from the farmer’s market for the next couple weeks (we’ll see if I actually follow the ban). And you can rest assured that I have some new recipes in the works.

For now, let’s all just go outside and enjoy the weather.

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