Day Trips and Evening Excursions with Rach (Transit – Indie 30, Day 22)

Day Trips and Evening Excursions with Rach (Transit – Indie 30, Day 22)

Bootsnall prompt:The word travel comes from a French word meaning “work” and sometimes, getting there is work. Between crowded buses, long airline delays, overnight trains and crazy rickshaw rides, transportation can be stressful, but it can also be a rewarding part of the trip. Tell us about a time when the journey became more important than the destination.


When you start college, everyone tells you that your freshman year roommate is going to suck. Older friends warn you not to fantasize about becoming best friends with your first year roomie. They give you survival tips and tell you that making it through a year in a bedroom with someone horrid is a rite of passage. Jimmy Fallon even did a sketch about how terrible your college roommate will be – the college plans it that way.

I love it when I’m the exception to the rule.

When Rachel and I were paired up as roommates, we had an awkward conversation over the summer and just assumed we’d end up hating each other because we’d both been WARNED. But how wrong we were. Within a few days, we found a long list of things we have in common: a love of cooking and cats, a severe disdain for President George W. Bush, a hatred of high school but love of our hometowns, and the same middle name (Anne). We had some of the same friends and some different friends – just enough that we could complain to each other about them and escape from them.

Our first dorm covered in snow.

We went to a small, beautiful college in the Finger Lakes. Wells has about 500 students. The year we were freshman was the first year the college was co-ed. There was lots of drama. Other than study and drink, there’s not much to do other than stir up drama. We spent a lot of time talking. We loved it.

But sometimes we just had to get away.


And that’s when we’d jump in Rachel’s car and go SOMEWHERE. It didn’t matter where. Sometimes we’d leave with a destination in mind and others we’d just drive. These trips usually began with cathartic bitch sessions about our dorm, our classes, friends that were driving us nuts or for some reason suddenly weren’t friends anymore and ended with something fabulous. There were midnight trips to Denny’s, wine tasting excursions, drives that were no more than drives with drive-thru coffee for punctuation, spontaneous stops at farm stands for apples, and breakfasts at Hunter’s Diner.

Our college was so small and so riddled with well-meaning and loved friends that sometimes we had to sneak out like teenagers on a Saturday night. Purses in hand, we’d whisper and tip toe down the hallway and race to the car. It’s not that we don’t dearly love our many other friends, but these were OUR trips, OUR special time together, and part of why we’re still so close today.

And I’m not even going to share anything else about these trips. The remainder of the details are classified information, they’re that special.

I get to see Rach on Saturday. It’s going to be great.



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