Tech vacation (Indie 30 – Day 23, Technology)

Tech vacation (Indie 30 – Day 23, Technology)

Bootsnall prompt: Where would today’s travelers be without smartphones, GPS, iPods, iPads, or even the internet? Share one item of tech you can’t live without or tell us how has technology changed the way you travel.

One of my favorite things about traveling is the excuse to disconnect. I like shutting off my cell phone and letting my email pile up unattended every now and then. I still use the Internet to book flights and hotels, let family know I’m alive every few days, etc., but when I travel I’m far less connected than in my day to day life. I bring my iPod but I only use it for music, no smart features for me thanks…

The disconnection allows me to regenerate. I can be a little more selfish without phone calls and texts to answer. I can climb down the stress ladder from work when I know I’ve told everyone I’ll be away and not to expect responses to any email for awhile. And in the leftover space, I often get some of my best writing done, discover a new food to love, or just spend a few hours truly and wonderfully alone.

But there’s one piece of tech I never leave home without (traveling or not): my camera.

I love taking photos. I’m a scrapbooker, so I need to collect plenty of material. I adore showing off the places I’ve visited to family and friends. And one of my favorite ways to kill time is to go through my iPhoto library over and over again.

My camera not on the Internet so I can still stay disconnected, but bringing it along does add an element of connection to life outside traveling. When I snap a photo, I’m using technology to capture a moment that I’ll share later, at home.

As with all technology, it does impact the way I look at a place. It adds a layer of thought about home and memories that probably hampers my ability to take in some of the other details around me, but I value my photos enough that whatever I might have missed with my eyes on the screen is worth it.

But I’ll never trade my non-Internet accessing camera for a smart phone with a camera in it. I’ve got to have some boundaries.

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