Always on the road (Indie 30 – Day 25, Family)

Always on the road (Indie 30 – Day 25, Family)

Bootsnall prompt: Family shapes who we are, but sometimes the family we create plays a bigger role in our lives than the one we were born into. Tell a story about how either of your “families” have impacted your life and your travels. 

If my family hadn’t made me, I wouldn’t be a traveler. And it’s a good thing they did because I really love traveling.

My parents put travel in me from the start. Before I was five years old we lived several different places in New York and Florida and we traveled from each one. I became an expert car sleeper (but somehow still ended up with frequent motion sickness…) and an easygoing, agreeable, mobile person.

“You want to make a day trip out of a location that’s over four hours away? Okay! Let’s go.”

We spent lots of time together on short family vacations. What we could do in two days (or even one) was always amazing. My parents also encouraged my brother and me to travel without them and sent us on trips and to summer camp as we liked. I wouldn’t do half of what I do now if not for them. And I’m grateful for that.

And I’m going to be channeling my gift from them of being able to spend long periods on the road over a short period of time while doing amazing things in between. Tonight, I’ve got a train ride to meet a friend then in the morning we’re driving almost to the Canadian border for a wedding. Sunday it’ll be back to the Hudson Valley and back to Pittsburgh by train on Monday. And this after an already adventurous week!

I’m so grateful for my crazy, traveling, ever-mobile family.

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