Thanksgiving (Indie 30 – Day 24, Giving Thanks)

Thanksgiving (Indie 30 – Day 24, Giving Thanks)

Bootsnall prompt: Seeing what others have – and don’t have – around the world often helps us appreciate our own good fortune. What are you thankful for this year ?

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I didn’t get to post this yesterday because I just had way too much fun. And I’m thankful for that.

Three things I’m thankful for are travel, family, and friends; I got to spend yesterday enjoying all three. My brother, our friend Erika, and I met up in Manhattan to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

The parade has been a Thanksgiving tradition at my house for as long as I can remember. We always watch it and I just adore the whole thing, especially the floats and performances by the Rockettes. For years, I’ve wanted to go to NY and see the parade live. And now I have – one more travel goal checked off the list (and another thing I’m grateful for).


We got ourselves stuck in the middle of the crowd with a great view of the floats, but almost zero view of the bands. We were kicked by small children, elbowed by their parents, and squashed up against total strangers. We were grateful we’d chosen to watch the parade up by 70th street, where it is quite a bit shorter than at the end of the route near Herald Square. We loved it. The floats were so much bigger than I ever could have imagined when watching it growing up. I was so excited to see my old favorite, Snoopy, among the balloons. And Santa Claus ended the parade to enormous cheers.


Afterward, we went to a great pub called the Dead Poet where we drank Guinness and Jameson and watched the end of the parade again on television and finally got to see a few of the dance performances. Lunch was more beer, burgers, and mac & cheese bites at another pub, which we followed with a walk in the park. We capped the day with Belgian street waffles topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I’m grateful to have such fun people in my life and the ability to travel with them.

I’m also grateful for a lot of people I couldn’t be with yesterday. First, my parents, who cultivated my love of travel from a young age and always tell me I can do anything. And then of course my boyfriend who is sweet and supportive and grateful to have a quiet Thanksgiving with his family. Our cat, Aayla, who is going to get a nice Thanksgiving treat when I get home and is so wonderfully social. I’m thankful for friends, too; there are so many and each one is special. I’m grateful that I get to see a huge crowd of them tomorrow because two of our mutual friends are tying the knot. And I’m grateful for this challenge because it’s brought more of the fun back to writing for me, which had begun to feel a lot like dull work earlier in the year. Finally, I’m grateful for my health and that it allows me to do all these things and know all these people; I’ve been sick a lot this year so I’m especially grateful now for the days that I feel well.

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