2012 Ticket – Prague (Indie 30 – Day 30)

2012 Ticket – Prague (Indie 30 – Day 30)

BootsnAll prompt: Where are you going in 2012?  Why is that place great for indie travelers?

I’m buying a big ticket in 2012.

I’m moving to Europe.

First stop, Prague. I’m planning to take a TEFL course there for a month and then teach. I don’t know if it’s a great destination for indie travelers in general, it’s gotten pretty popular these days so I suppose it depends on your tastes.

But it’s perfect for me. I could take a TEFL course online or on the weekends in Pittsburgh for quite a lot less than it’s going to cost to do the course in Prague, but I really want to spend a month there. I’m just drawn to it. I’m not quite sure why. I just have a sense I would love exploring the city and really getting under its skin while getting my certificate.

And after that? Maybe I’ll get a job in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic or maybe I’ll move on to somewhere else. Maybe I’ll go back to Italy. Maybe I’ll try for a job in the south of France. Maybe I’ll head out to Poland or Croatia. Perhaps I’ll find that I’d like to live on another continent and head to South America. I’m planning to scatter applications around the world and see what sticks (a more labor intensive version of closing my eyes and poking a map).

I can’t wait.

If you want to follow my adventures, check back here. Once I have my departure date I’ll be counting down, detailing preparations for the trip, and sharing my adventures here or on a new site that I’ll link from my portfolio.

I’m excited to be tackling a new job as well as some new countries. I’ve never been to the Czech Republic before, so setting foot in a country I know very little about to live for a month really makes me feel like my ONE WORD from yesterday’s prompt: ALIVE. Bring on 2012. I’m ready.

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