One Word (Indie 30 – Day 29)

One Word (Indie 30 – Day 29)

BootsnAll prompt: What does travel mean to you in one word? 


Alive: awake, present, active, animate…at no time than when I’m traveling is it easier to feel alive.

Each day, I am alive in the “not dead” sense of the word, but it isn’t every day that I feel alive in the exhilarated, challenged, joyful, and present way. But when I’m traveling, I can feel that way every day. If I’m on a short trip, I usually can’t sleep too well. Not because I have trouble adjusting to sleeping in a new place, but because I’m just too excited. I’d rather be awake than asleep. This actually works to my advantage when traveling with others because I can get my alone time in the morning, drink some coffee, do some writing, and then tackle a new day without missing anything and with a mind that has had time to reset and prepare for the challenges of travel.

That must be why I’m addicted to travel – my life is most fulfilling when I feel alive (whether at home or on the road).



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