Island girl

Island girl

Bootsnall Prompt: What do you think makes islands so appealing from an indie traveler’s standpoint? … When you think of “island,” do you automatically think of “beaches,” or is there another kind of island that appeals to you? And – you know we have to ask – what would be three things you would absolutely have to have with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?

My parents live on an island. It’s tropical, but not overly so. Located in Tampa, Florida its a place where you can sun yourself with an cool cocktail every month of the year, but I wouldn’t call it beachy.


There is a beach, a tiny strip of sand near the marina, with white, warm sand and perfect sunsets.

But mostly, it’s a residential community on a working port.

Davis Islands is beautiful and contradictory. We can watch the cruise ships come in every morning while its still dark and head out around happy hour every afternoon. Hulking, black and red barges are pushed quietly up the channel by blue and yellow and green tugs to unload their cargo or stop for repairs.

Just a few streets from the channel, in “town,” there’s a stretch of independent shops and restaurants that have a homey feeling, not a vacation-y one. In the mornings, I get the paper and go for tea at TeBella Tea Company. Sometimes in the afternoons we grab a beer or dinner at the Yeoman’s Road Pub. People know each other and can largely ignore the tourist crowd that burdens other Tampa neighborhoods.

It’s far from deserted.

But if I were stuck on a deserted island instead of Davis Islands or Ireland or Manhattan, I’d have to have my pocket knife, a pen and notebook (one of those ones that’s attached so it counts as one item), and one of those sleeping bag hammocks.

I’d also really love to have something to read, so can I be stuck on an island with four things?

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