End of Winter Apple Tart

End of Winter Apple Tart

Writing and cooking in: Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, a local food blog can do an apple tart in March. And a good one at that. March is generally not the time to be thinking about apple tarts, that’s more of an October and November kind of dessert. But if you’re lucky, like I am, to live in Pittsburgh and go to the Farmer’s Market Cooperative of East Liberty on Saturday mornings, you’ll find something wonderful: Kistaco’s apples. Picked in the fall and carefully stored, I’ve been munching the bounty of fall all winter long. And they’re good apples, too. Really good. Like picked last week good. I wouldn’t make the tart I’m about to tell you about with anything less.

I found this recipe via Burghilicious, who found it via Smitten Kitchen, who brought it back to Alice Waters who actually attributes the recipe to Jacques Pepin. It’s popular for a reason.

The crust is easy, buttery and tasty. The filling is simple: just apples brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar. You don’t even need a tart pan.

I made a couple change to the original, as did Smitten Kitchen and Burghilicious. I used less than five tablespoons of sugar on top. I used about three and a half – five just looked like too much sugar and when the tart was done I found it plenty sweet.

There’s also debate about the glaze/syrup – I made it but didn’t put it on the whole tart. I spread it over half a slice and while it did intensify the taste slightly, I don’t think the tart needs it. However, I would still make the syrup because it’s awesome on pancakes. After the initial 25 minutes of infusing the sugar water with apple, I strained the syrup and then cooked it down for another 15 minutes to get a thicker, pinker syrup that Kevin bragged about to his friends on the phone later that day. Thank you, Alice Waters, Jacques Pepin, Smitten Kitten, Burghilicious…

Today’s local ingredients:

Apples, Kistaco Farms via Farmer’s Market Cooperative of East Liberty

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