Travel Bracketology – An indie travel contribution to March Madness

Travel Bracketology – An indie travel contribution to March Madness

Bootsnall prompt: So, let us know – what country do you think is the best for independent travel, and why? Or what four countries (one per region) would you choose as the top picks going into the tournament? Make your case for your country/countries of choice!

This month, BootsnAll is presenting a March Madness-style challenge that I can get on board! If you know me at all, you know that I’ve been talked into filling out the occasional bracket, but I’m actually clueless when it comes to basketball. Now travel, that’s a subject I know something about. I need to print and fill out my bracket and I haven’t quite picked out what I think my top country for each region will be…but I would like to take a moment and write something about one of the countries in each region.

The Americas

Since my travel in the Americas is limited to the US and Canada, I’ll write about my home country. The US is where my travel adventures began and where it often remains focused. I love it because it’s right here, where I live, and I can travel every day. It’s easy to take off on weekend road trips or find new places to love right around the corner.


Italy – I love it. And I think Italy will make it to the top four. Sure, plenty of Italy is touristy, but for good reason: the history, culture, and art is downright incredible. And even though Rome, Florence, Venice, and other areas are full of tourist traps and English speakers, there’s still plenty of Italy in the countryside where you’ll find yourself the only foreigner. Plus, the public transportation is awesome.



My apartment is filling up with items from India even though I’ve never been there. Several friends of mine love it, have brought me home gifts, and tell me that traveling in India will change my life. It’s at the top of my personal must-visit list for Asia.

Africa/Middle East

For Africa/Middle East I’m also going to pick from the top of my personal must-visit list. I’m aching to get to South Africa. I took a wine class a couple of years ago and one of the most delicious days was the one dedicated to South African wines. I also studied the country in pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree and it looks just gorgeous.

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