The World’s Most Dangerous Road? Maybe.

The World’s Most Dangerous Road? Maybe.

Bootsnall Prompt: For week 14 of the Indie Travel Challenge, we want to hear your best Latin America transportation stories – and you get to decide what “best” means. Whether you were served champagne on an overnight bus ride or feared for your life as you biked along a dodgy trail on a steep cliff, we want to hear about it! Pictures are, of course, encouraged. And if you haven’t yet traveled in Latin America, tell us about the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “world’s most dangerous road.”

My first thought when it comes to the world’s most dangerous road?

Pass. Don’t think I’ll go. Nope, not me.

My second thought?

I bet it’d be a great trip.

And so, even though I dislike biking even the smallest, most nonthreatening hills and flinched my way through driving hairpin turns in Ireland someday I might just end up there.

I’d rather take my chances with slightly less dangerous roads when I someday get to Latin America. But I’d put the world’s most dangerous road on my list of places I’d go if asked to accompany a friend on a trip. (Please no one ask me too soon, though. K, thanks. )

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