Grilled Spring Potato Salad

Grilled Spring Potato Salad


This summer, I resolved to use my grill more than last summer. Since we only broke it out once last year (how pathetic is that?), I’ve already doubled the number of times it’s been out! And I’ve got Kevin hooked on grilled potatoes.

When I decided to grill, I did it on a whim. I was planning to cook but it was too nice out to stay inside, we had a fresh case of beer in the fridge, and in my efforts to clean out the freezer I’d discovered a couple of duck sausages from Crested Duck Charcuterie. But what to have with those sausages? Late in the summer, it’d be grilled summer squash, but of course none of that is out yet. I had potatoes, but not enough time to chill potato salad. I had asparagus, but it’s not Kevin’s favorite so if I cooked it I’d need to make more than that. I had some ramps on the verge of wilting…I laid out all the ingredients on the counter and it came to me – a macro salad – big grilled veggies.

But can you grill a potato?

Why yes, you can. The key is in the par-boiling.

And truly, truly, from a girl who has been in love with mashed potatoes this winter, I think I found my new favorite way to eat them. The warm potatoes soak up the olive oil based dressing, plus that lovely grilled taste is just delightful. Mix that with some al dente asparagus and crisp ramp bulbs attached to wilted greens and you’ve got spring heaven.

I have to confess that I made this a few weeks ago, so it might be a little late to get ramps and make this, but you could probably grill some green onions for a different, but still satisfying salad.

Grilled Potato Salad

6-8 Yukon gold potatoes (or similar), sliced about an inch thick

1 bunch asparagus (a dozen spears or so), tough ends snapped off

8 or so ramps

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon dried Italian herbs

big pinch of coarse sea salt

Boil potato slices for 6 minutes (potatoes will be undercooked). Toss potatoes and asparagus in olive oil, vinegar, herbs, and salt in a big bowl. Grill potatoes and asparagus for about 10 minutes, five minutes per side. Reserve bowl with remaining dressing in the bottom.  Grill ramps for 2 minutes. Toss asparagus, potatoes, and ramps in the dressing again. Serve immediately.



Today’s local ingredients:

Potatoes, asparagus, and ramps, Clarion River Organics via Pittsburgh Public Market

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