A Little Bit of Crohn’s Disease

A Little Bit of Crohn’s Disease

Welcome back to my blog. Really, I’m welcoming myself back, too.

With no sense that I was about to, I just quit blogging.

Why? Confusion, mostly. Sickness, for sure. Not knowing how to be a travel writer who doesn’t travel: yep, that, too.

When I was participating in the Bootsnall.com Indie Travel Challenge, I was planning to spend much of 2012 abroad, so it made sense to be a travel writer even from Pittsburgh. I was going to go WWOOFing in June! I was putting away every penny for it! I was working long hours to get those pennies!

And then…I made some choices that made going more difficult to impossible and my body made some choices for me that made going impossible (at least for the short term).

First, I decided to apply for a job with the Obama campaign and go on a delightful bender of activism and sleep deprivation that would contribute to the outcome I’m hoping for in Tuesday’s election.

And then I decided not to apply for a job with the Obama campaign for a laundry list of reasons I’ll leave out, for now.

And then I got a job with a really cool non-profit. And I took it. And cancelled my trip. And fell in love with my job.

And then I got sick. Really sick. It started with fevers and fatigue and the occasional tummy ache. In the middle it was riddled with pain, many extra hours of sleep, fevers, nausea, and television-watching benders. In the late middle, there were also doctor’s appointments and tests, the words “Crohn’s Disease,” and a trip to the hospital. In the late part of the 2012 Crohn’s saga, it’s been a trip of fatigue, mood swings, new medications, dietary restrictions, and a slow return to “normal.” I’ve also returned more to my creative work, mostly offline. You’ll note that my cooking blog has been neglected as well.

If you’ve never heard of Crohn’s, here’s the quick and dirty super basic version: My immune system doesn’t recognize my digestive tract and spends a great deal of energy attacking it as a foreign invader. This battle raging in my small intestine weakens my ability to digest food. The consequences are ugly.

There is no cure. The cause is speculated upon.

So, travel writing took a back seat for awhile. I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it. But I’m certainly back to writing about other things.

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