Market Garden, Cleveland, OH

Market Garden, Cleveland, OH

Market Garden –Impromptu Cleveland Culinary Tour Stop 2!

You’d think after lunch at Melt we wouldn’t have needed to eat for the rest of the day right? Right?!

Oh, how wrong you are.

We made a 9 pm reservation at Market Garden a brewery with a focus on farm to table, fresh, local, ingredients.

As any friends and regular readers know, Kevin and I are nothing if not delighted to hit up a brewery! Our only regret is that we didn’t ask if they did a tasting flight because the menu looked so intriguing. I took longer to decide on my beer than I did on the food.

So what did we drink?

Kevin went for the Old School – a no-frills American lager. It was pale yellow, but surprisingly full-flavored, with the light body you’d expect of an American lager. Kevin loved it and ordered a second.


I opted for the Trouble IPA, which is brewed with honey. It tasted a little bit like a pine tree, which might be a turnoff for some, but I really enjoyed the woodsy taste. It reminded me of home and was pretty easy to drink – I think that’s where the “Trouble” part comes in.

Beth chose a beer cocktail made with the Old School Lager and a couple different liquors, which was a little sweet and would have been perfect for a summer afternoon.

As with most breweries, it’s best if you know what to order. Since really good breweries spend so much time perfecting the beer (thank you!), the food menu often comes second. We’ve found this to be true at many places and it continued to be the case at Market Garden. Nothing was bad, but some things were just less than spectacular.

I chose the Chorizo Joe with a side of Beer Cheese Soup. The Chorizo Joe was a sloppy joe, but with chorizo instead of beef. My disappointment with this dish was partly my own fault, I didn’t think through the “joe” part and just assumed it would be a piece of chorizo with the crispy onions etc on the promised pretzel bun. The menu could benefit from a lengthier description for dense people like me and also, I wasn’t in love with the sloppy chorizo concept, the balance of flavors just didn’t feel right.

I got over it quickly though because the Beer Cheese Soup was fantastic! It’s made with cheddar cheese and their Viking Pale Ale. It’s topped with barbecue popcorn, which I can’t eat, so I can’t say how well that paired.


I can’t remember what Beth ordered, but she wasn’t overly impressed and ended up ordering a bowl of the beloved Beer Cheese Soup.

We were both incredibly envious of Kevin’s Mac and Cheese with pulled pork and arugula. We stole bites and were just floored. It was comfort food at it’s best with a few veggies thrown in to make you feel good about it. The cheese sauce was thick and nicely cheesy and the pulled pork actually added a nice layer of flavor to the dish. We agreed that if we came back for dinner we’d get that.

Beth did say that she shared the Brewmaster’s Platter, a meat and cheese board, with a group once and that it was really amazing. Perhaps the key to Market Garden is drink beer and eat cheese.

Would I eat there again?

Heck yeah! Next time: tasting flight of beer and the Brewmaster’s Platter. Let’s go.

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