La Cave du Vin, Cleveland, OH

La Cave du Vin, Cleveland, OH

Writing and drinking in: Cleveland, OH

After we had dinner at Market Garden, we were definitely stuffed but not quite ready to go home. So we went out for a drink at La Cave du Vin (impromptu Cleveland food tour stop 3!) – a dark, half-basement restaurant with a beer cooler and wine cellar.

The beer cooler was impressive – a full wall of bottled beers and ciders from all over the world.

And yet, and yet, Kevin and I pondered the wine list. Kevin landed on a local honey mead. I was feeling pretty chilly and opted for mulled apple cider with Jameson, which I’ve since promised to make at home.

It was pretty loud – we found ourselves shouting over each other a lot – but Beth insists that’s unusual and I believe her.

On a quieter evening it would be a great date place, plenty of shadowy corners for being all Valentine’s-Day-in-a-new-relationship cutesy.

If you just want to pick up some great beer or wine to take home, you can do that, too.

Would I go back?

Absolutely! It was a really cute place that reminded me a lot of some little basement bars I’ve been to in Europe. Plus, the selection was awesome. Local mead – how often do you find that?


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