A Kale Tale

A Kale Tale

On Sunday, something amazing happened: I went to the grocery store, stood in the produce section, and had the freedom to pick out anything I wanted.

Regular readers, I’m sure you’re wondering: How is this possible? Didn’t you spend a full day laying on the couch after eating uncooked beets last month? Aren’t salads forbidden? And all those little seeds in strawberries are to be avoided at all costs, right? (Thanks for being such an inquisitive bunch!)

Well, yes.

But Sunday, I committed to exploring a loophole: juicing.

I finally purchased the juicer I’ve been eyeing since I first heard the words your test results are positive for Crohn’s Disease: the Breville Compact Fountain.

Post juicer purchase, I prodded Kevin into a run to the grocery store for lots of fresh stuff, and, of course, he agreed. Kevin and I raced home from the grocery store, bouncing with excitement. He was excited to play Halo with his friends and relax before work on Monday. I was drooling over kale. And apples. And oranges. And swiss chard. And…it’s a good thing Kevin was in a hurry to meet his friends otherwise I’d have overbought the produce in my joy.

Previously, kale had never been my favorite of greens. I’m a swiss chard girl all day long. But Sunday night, I was all about the kale. I was just so thrilled that there was a way to get something so healthy into my body. I’ve really missed my veggies.

Naturally, before putting the juicer together, I had to inspect all my purchases for freshness and dance around like a little girl dreaming of her wedding day:


(I’ll leave it to your imagination whether I’m marrying the kale or it’s my wedding bouquet and I’m marrying an actual human being. I love kale an awful lot.)

I was surprised by how little I could taste the kale in the juice and also the distinct flavor that it gave to the juice. I knew it was in there, but it didn’t taste like liquid salad. It was a little sweet and a little citrus-y, but most of all it just tasted fresh.

Kale-Apple-Citrus Juice

2 leaves of kale (tough stem removed)
4 small apples (stems removed)
1 small lemon (peeled)
1 large Navel orange (peeled and halved)

Juice according to instructions with your juicer. Mine recommends juicing greens in between items like apples to extract the most juice from the greens.


I was pretty tired after drinking the juice, but I also felt really good with no digestive side effects!

I also really liked the Breville Juicer. It was really easy to use and to clean. The instruction manual is very detailed and worth reading.

I’m already finding it tough to have the whole fruits and veggies in my house when I can’t just munch on them.


But juicing is an exciting and welcome workaround. Since Sunday I’ve also made blood orange juice. Tonight I’m thinking swiss chard, apple, berry.


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