The Blueberry Blunder

The Blueberry Blunder

Writing and juicing in: Pittsburgh, PA

Well, it happened.

You know how earlier today I mentioned not eating raw things would be harder with them in the house?

Apparently, it’s damn near impossible.

I was making the swiss chard-apple-berry juice that I mentioned in my previous post and I ate 2 blueberries. Just ate them.

Kevin came in and said, “Ooh, blueberries! Those look good.” And ate a handful.

I said, “Yeah, they do.” And ate a pair.

I barely even noticed. It was like I eat berries every day or something.

The low residue diet requires (as Mad-Eye Moody repeats throughout Harry Potter) constant vigilance.

But, as Kevin says, it was only two so no big deal. And I tend to agree. But if I call off work tomorrow for illness, I blame my lack of vigilance. Moody would have been displeased.

I’m mostly bummed I missed out on my first taste of whole berries in over six months. I swallowed them nearly whole!

On the up side, the juice was really delicious. A little bit sweet and quite tart.

Swiss chard, apple, blueberry juice

2 leaves of swiss chard (thick stem removed)

4 small apples

1 1/2 cups blueberries

And I liked how the colors separated in the measuring cup:

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