Juice for the Heart

Juice for the Heart

The juicer obsession continues.

I’m in love with tasting all things fresh! The novelty still has not worn off, in fact, I think I’m becoming more obsessed and more interested in different combinations. Last night I threw in leftover fruit salad from a party and a lemon. Delicious. Fresh lemonade is coming this weekend. Also more blood orange juice. If you have not tasted the delight that is a blood orange, you must do it.

Just to prove to Kevin that I’m not more in love with the juicer and fresh fruits and veggies than I am with him, I made us a special dark pink (fuchsia?) juice as an early, healthy Valentine. It’s full of berries! And he couldn’t even taste the red chard I put in there! (By this time next year, I’ll be juicing broccoli without him noticing.)


For those of you with juicers, here’s the recipe:

Red Apple-Berry Juice for 2

4 small apples

4 leaves of red chard (thick stem removed)

8 – 12 strawberries

1 1/2 cups cranberries

It might be the lack of fresh stuff talking or that the juicer and I are still thoroughly in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but this juice just tasted so indulgent and sinful. The emotional response was akin to eating a piece of really good dark chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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