I didn’t tell you there’s broccoli in that

I didn’t tell you there’s broccoli in that

Well, I already managed to sneak the broccoli into Kevin’s juice.

Feeling good. Might make a second round of juice tonight.

Ate a small cup of 4-bean chili on Thursday – no Crohn’s symptoms. Progress!

Is it the juice? The Remicade? Time? My strict adherence to the low residue (mostly)? A combo?

Who knows.

But I do know that I ate broccoli this morning for the first time since a stir-fry last June that sent me to the couch with a hot pack and a medication for muscle spasms. Awesome.

Hidden Broccoli Juice

1 cup broccoli

2 large leaves of Swiss chard

2 oranges

1 lemon

Note: Broccoli pulp stinks. Discard immediately for your own well-being.

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